International Transplant Organisations

International society for heart and lung transplantation

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Created in 1981 the Society now has members in over 45 countries who represent many of the disciplines involved in the management and treatment of end-state heart and lung disease. This is identified as providing an exceptional environment for networking and exchanging information on an informal basis.

MOHAN Foundation – India

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The “Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network” Foundation, a support group for patients, physicians and the public” is a National Government Organisation, based in Chennai, India, with branches in Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad

A voluntary, non-profit organisation, the Foundation has launched a “Donor Card” along with a brochure entitled “A Priceless Gift”, explaining about organ donation. It also prints and distributes patient information literature on disease prevention and has recently started a support group for transplant patients and their familes and friends.

UNOS – United Network for Organ Sharing

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The organisation that maintains the organ transplant waiting list in the USA.

World Transplant Games Federation

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The federation acts as a vehicle demonstrating the full physical and mental rehabilitation of people who have had an organ transplant worldwide who would otherwise be debilitated or dead.

The World Transplant Games are a biennial event, involving more than 1500 athletes representing over 50 countries who compete at an extraordinarily high level. The 18th World Transplant Games will be held in Goteborg, Sweden in 2011.

The next Winter World Games will take place in France in June 2010. For further details please see the contact details on the website.

AOPO – Association of Organ Procurement Organization

AOPO is dedicated to the special concerns of Organ Procurement Organizations and provides education, information sharing, research and technical assistance and collaboration with other healthcare organizations and federal agencies.

ISOP – International Society for Organ Preservation 

As a source for education for all who are interested acquiring knowledge in the fast expanding field of organ preservation, the ISOP also seeks to educate and equipment those who wish accreditation in organ preservation.

NATCO – Organization for Transplant Professionals

Committed to the advancement of organ and tissue donation and transplantation, NATCO is comprised of a diverse group of professionals: Procurement practitioners, Transplant practitioners, Hospital Development specialists and Public Education specialists.

INTS – International Transplantation Nursing Society 

Online source for Clinical Transplant Nursing Education and Organ Transplant Research. ITNS provides a forum for learning about the most current advances in transplantation and transplant patient care.

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