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Duraent Lifesciences

A Second Chance at Life for Transplant Patients. Duraent empowers medical professionals at every stage of the transplant journey – from pre-transplant assessment to post-transplant care – to deliver life-saving results.

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Our Global Partnerships

Our Products

  • VitaSmart™

    Breathing New Life into Transplantation. The Only Device for Kidney & Liver Perfusion. Expand Your Organ Pool by 25% to 30% Today!

  • Belzer UW® Cold Storage Solution

    The Gold Standard in Organ Preservation. Safeguarding Half a Million Lives Worldwide. 10,000 Successful Liver Transplants in India Alone.

  • Pentastarch Solution

    Optimizing Stem Cell Preservation. Experience High-Cell Recovery, Superior Viability & Longer Storage. Ensuring Comfort & Shorter Hospital Stays Post-Transplant.

  • Human Albumin Solution

    Setting New Standards in Safety. India’s Trusted Solution for 25 years. Lowest Salt, Aluminium, Chloride & Potassium Levels in the Market.

Revolutionizing Healthcare through Pioneering Technologies and Point-of-Care Excellence

We have continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation, introducing groundbreaking products and solutions to the Indian market.


Duraent is a pioneering leader in static cold storage preservation, perfusion fluids, and machine perfusion technologies.

How we do it

With an extensive distribution network and a dedicated team across India, Duraent covers all top hospitals, ensuring wide availability of products.

International Partnerships

Duraent actively partners with international manufacturers, marketing their products in India and actively contributing to the creation of brand equity.

Our Transformation

Transitioning from high-end marketing, Duraent is becoming a pioneering point-of-care services company, offering innovative solutions at the forefront of patient care.

From the desk of our CEO

Perfusion Experience with VitaSmart™: Insights from Doctors

How do we achieve it?

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Innovation and Research Excellence

Duraent drives its goals through relentless innovation and research excellence, continuously introducing groundbreaking products and solutions to meet evolving healthcare needs.

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Collaborative Partnerships

By forming strategic partnerships with global manufacturers, Duraent builds brand equity, expands market reach, and delivers high-quality healthcare products to customers.

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Customer-Centric Approach

Duraent prioritizes customer satisfaction by listening to their needs, tailoring products and services accordingly, and exceeding expectations through a customer-centric approach.

Success Stories

Innovation and excellence sets us apart, our success stories in media and various publications

Perfusion Showcase: Years of Success

Discover our Perfusion Showcase capturing years of successful kidney and liver perfusion procedures.

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Our customers

Our customers are the pillars of our strength and motivation to strive for a better tomorrow.


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