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DIMI – The All in One Home Dialysis Solution

• Easy to move and re-pack
• Great comfort of use
• Minimal invasion
• Heater integrated
• Graphic interface & Silent system

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Manufactured by – Blood purification devices, Switzerland.

Imported & Distributed by Duraent Lifesciences in India.

Infomed Blood Purification Devices

Infomed is a Swiss company based in Geneva dedicated to the development and manufacturing of blood purification devices since 1997.

Key Technical Parameters

DIMI is the device with the widest range of treatments performing peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis hemodiafiltration as well as ultrafiltration.

19 Kgs

Device Weight

40 Litre

Load Capacity(Gravimetric)

1.75 ml

blood /Litre waste Detection

20 min

Battery Backup

All in One Home Dialysis Solution

Home Convenience

Home Dialysis covers all therapies performed at DIMI is designed for all types of access such as home in case of chronic kidney disease.

Com- a peritoneal or veno-venous catheter, graft, peri­ pared to the conventional hospital care, it offers pheral veins or fistula. Moreover, it can be done more flexibility and freedom to the patient

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Give the patients control for their own dialysis at the convenience of their Home.

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